Our Values

At Eighth Avenue Place we have five core values:


The Necessity of Jesus

It is an inherent desire that all whom we encounter will experience the life-transforming power of The Lord Jesus Christ. We affirm that it is in and through Jesus that creation is healed and presented to the Father in the power of the Spirit. All of the Christian ministries that comprise Eighth Avenue Place will strive to “offer them Christ.”


The Dignity of Humanity

We will view and treat each person through the lens of the Risen Christ. There is no disorder, addiction, or condition that should prohibit the ministry of Eighth Ave Place from extending its services to those in need. However, if the safety of the ministry threatened, persons will be asked to leave with a possible plan for restoration.


Empowerment rather than Enablement

In valuing the dignity of each person, we will seek to empower people to live in dependency upon God and interdependency with others in community. We will provide opportunities for all people to discover and utilize their gifts while minimizing the crippling effects of enablement. This includes transitioning from works of charity to ultimately a lifestyle of justice.


Community Development

Eighth Avenue Place will seek the spiritual, emotional, educational, and economic welfare of the entire Steel Valley. Being holistic in scope, we will offer ministries and programs that appeal to people of faith and those “outside” of established faith communities. Such a task includes networking with existing local congregations and agencies in the Steel Valley. It is our hope to be able to network across Western Pennsylvania, with a focus on the Mon Valley.



We will make it our theological task to discern the Kingdom vision that was manifest in Jesus as witnessed in the gospels. In keeping with our Wesleyan heritage, we believe such a vision will result in holiness of heart and life. Although it certainly has personal dimensions, a Kingdom vision must include both the immersion into and the transforming of society.



Monday – Wednesday – Friday
7am – 12pm


811 West Street
Homestead, PA 15120